The rebirth of the Sunrise Soccer Club in 2004 changed soccer in Florida, and especially South Florida forever. Suddenly, there was a Club that actually developed players from the ground up and turned them into teams that could compete against the very best in the USA anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It took a lot of work and it took many years, we had to be patient, and there were many setbacks along the way, but our aim was to keep moving forward, and when the time arrived and these teams reached their showcase years, they were truly among the nations elite.

Our secret is an intense, unrelenting focus on the development of our players across a select number of teams, that play beautiful soccer in a positive family-type environment that will lead to opportunities to thrive in soccer and in life, from youth to college and beyond.

Our primary goal is on developing technically advanced players that love the game, that play for each other, and that can execute the concepts they have practiced within a sophisticated team framework. It is that philosophy that has consistently produced successful results for us, both at the individual and the team level. And it is that philosophy that will build the best teams in Florida.

We do all of this in a true family-type environment where everyone knows everyone and we all work together for the ultimate success of our players.