The Canes and the Clemson Tigers put on an amazing show tonight at Cobb Stadium on the UM campus and the Sunrise 2009 girls had the good fortune of being able to watch and learn close up, being the ball girls for the match. After helping the Canes knock off FSU last year, the question on everyone’s mind was could the 2009s bring the same good luck for the second straight time. And sure enough, they did!
After a scoreless first half, Clemson took a 1-0 lead, the Canes fought back to tie it 1-1, another Clemson lead, and then the Canes tied it again to send the match into overtime at 2-2. There was no score after the first overtime, and then, in the final minute of the second overtime, the Canes put the game away to win on a corner kick!
It was an exciting win for the Canes and an inspirational match for our players. The girls also had the opportunity to meet, and take a picture with Clemson’s star forward, and former Sunrise player, Mariana Speckmaier (pictured below).