Something happens when you put on the Sunrise uniform. Our players and teams inherit our Championship DNA. In sports and in life, our players learn to succeed.

Our players and teams learn how to win not by saying “we have to win”. Winning is a by-product of the family, friends, and memories that we cultivate here. It is a result of the ultra-competitive training and practices. It is because our players know that we are all in this together, and in turn, they play as hard as possible for each other.

But winning by score is not enough, it has to be within these parameters:

  1. Age-adjusted playing time guidelines
  2. Playing our brand of possession, out-of-the-back soccer
  3. Sportsmanship at the highest level.

This thought process, this development process, has led Sunrise to be the leader in championships statewide. We were the first club in South Florida to have won a national championship, we have won the most State Cups this century, and have won just about every major tournament in the country at one time or another.

But not just at the youth level, our players succeed on the national stage. Three of our players have NCAA National Championship rings. It really doesn’t matter where or when. It can be scoring the winning goal in a local 3v3 championship at u10 or scoring the winning goal on national television in the NCAA National Championship, Sunrise players have been there, done that!