Sunrise SC Philosophy

Sunrise SC Philosophy

From small local club to the first National Champion in South Florida History


Sunrise is a soccer club that concentrates on hard work, superior skills, and smart play in a friendly, but competitive environment. Our primary focus is on developing technically advanced players that love the game and that play within a sophisticated team framework. This philosophy has been instrumental in consistently producing successful results, both at the individual and the team level.


Our club won four State Cups titles this year (in 2018). That was the most ever in the State of Florida in one year. We have now won the most State Cups in Florida for seven consecutive years. Since 2010, we have won seventeen  State Cups, also the most in Florida (U13-U18) by far. What makes this even more impressive is that we are a small club, but that might be our secret as we concentrate on quality teams, players and coaching coupled with constant development and hard work. In 2018 Sunrise SC became the ONLY club from South Florida to ever win a USYS National Championship, a tournament that began crowning champions since 1935. 


Many of our teams play in some of the most competitive leagues in the country. We have had two teams play in the National League in the last few years and next year we will have at least one team in National League (possibly more). We had four girls teams play in the Region III Premier leagues this past season. This year our U18 girls won the Region III Premier League with a perfect record. And our U16 girls also won the Region III Premier League.  We also field competitive teams in the FSPL, FLUGSA and SFUYSA leagues. One of our boys teams has won the Dallas Cup two times in recent years, the highest ranked boys tournament in the country. On an individual level, many of our players have garnered prestigious awards and honors and also participate on State, Regional and National teams.


In terms of exposure to colleges, our program give you the exposure a top player would need. We play in the top leagues and in the best College Showcases, usually in the highest divisions. Our current group of U19 has 26 college commitments, including 18 destined for Division I schools and three headed to the National Champions, Florida State University.


The best way to judge our club is to watch our teams practice or play and notice the high level of skill and the enthusiasm that they display whenever they take the field.