Step 2:

Scan and create an electronic file with the following naming conventions for all the above mentioned documents A through F:

Save each individual document in the following format:  Age, gender, team ID number, _document name.  For example:  U11GA2STS0304FC1_Passes, U11GA2STS0304FC1_Roster, U11GA2STS0304FC1_Medical, U11GA2STS0304FC1_Paypal, etc.

Do not name files by player’s first or last name as these files will not be accepted. Do not save jpeg1, jpeg 2.  Pdf files are preferred over jpegs.  Do not create files for individual passes and individual releases, only one file for all passes and one file for all player releases

Step 3:


  1. Go to your Gotsoccer team page
  2. Click on the event located under "Event Registration History" – Sting Cup
  3. Click on the "Documents" tab on the far right
  4. Upload documents A through F to the gotsoccer documents area.  Do not load some documents or partial as those will not be reviewed nor accepted.


Once everything is completed, please allow 3 to 4 days for reply. We will review your submission and Email back a stamped approved tournament roster to the tournament contact person of which you have to bring 4/5 sets to  each game.


For any questions, please email